Length Alteration Add-on


Any item that uses this add-on, will become ALL SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES for dresses that have been altered. 

Your dress may take an additional 1-2 weeks in addition to regular shipping times to be shipped. 

Choose a height that you'd like your dress tailored to. If you plan on wearing heels with the dress, account for the inches of your heels. Example, your length without heels is 5'1" & you plan on wearing a 2 inch heel with your dress, you would choose 5'3" for the height option. If you plan on wearing flats with your dress, choose your normal height. A maxi dress should fall somewhere around your ankle or just below, so it does not drag on the ground. If you are wearing heels with the dress, it may fall mid-heel (covering your feet). If would like the dress higher than the ankle/mid-heel, please specify the length or look you are going for in the comment section at checkout.